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We are changing the world of Influencer Marketing & UGC

Influeri is the new universe of influencer marketing and UGC. Call us what you want, "platform", "company", "rebels". We are changing the marketing industry for the better.

Our story begins with a market shift.

Our story begins with a market shift.

Our story begins with a market shift where marketers wanted to start collaborating with micro- and nano-influencers in large marketing campaigns. The problem was the heavy burden of manual work required to successfully manage influencer and UGC campaigns, such as managing outreach, negotiations, contracts, campaign activity reminders, result collections and payments. It was too much work for agencies and business owners to manage.

With Influeri's AI-powered platform, agencies, enterprise marketers and SME owners can finally manage many creator collaborations with ease. Our platform is tailored for every need in your influencer marketing and UGC campaigns, and automates boring admin so that you can focus on the creative and strategic parts.

That's why Influeri was born.

That's why Influeri was born.


"We're on a mission to change the influencer marketing and UGC industry by building a valuable ecosystem for all parties involved. We want to enable marketers and entrepreneurs to focus more on creative, strategic and analytic work, while allowing creators to realize their dreams and provide value to their audience. Influeri is more than a platform - It is a new and improved way of collaborating on social media."

Nicholas S. Jacobsson
Founder & CEO

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