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Can I test your platform for free?

Yes! You can test the platform's campaign creation software and experience how easy it is to create a campaign on the platform, all for free! Navigate to our home page and you will see a “Try for free”-button. You will only be charged for a campaign once it has been launched.

How many influencers do you have on your platform?

Our platform gives you access to all public accounts on Instagram and TikTok with more than 1000 followers (more than 200 million profiles!). We don’t believe in working with a limited network of influencers since it limits the ability to find the most suitable influencers for your campaigns. Rather, our platform analyzes all available accounts and matches you with the best influencers for your specific campaign. Awesome, right!?

How does your platform compensate influencers?

Influencers are compensated by our pricing algorithm that accounts for various factors such as your campaign purpose and format, how well the influencer and their followers match your brand and campaign, the excepted deliverables from the influencer, the social media platform that is selected and many other factors. We strive to attract the influencers that best suit your campaign and our pricing algorithm is designed for this purpose.

Can I use the content in my campaigns on Influeri for paid ads?

Yes you can! All content created in campaigns on Influeri can be advertised on Meta directly from the platform where you can boost the content that performed the best. It's super easy!

Why should I use your platform?

You should use our platform to remove all headaches that you would otherwise get from your influencer marketing campaigns, such as spending hours trying to find influencers, contacting them, negotiating with them, managing contracts, sending reminders, collecting information and results, as well as managing payments. All of these activities are super boring and take a lot of time, unless you are using our influencer marketing platform. With Influeri, you can instead focus on the strategic and fun parts of the influencer marketing process, such as setting a strategic agenda for your campaign, providing creative feedback to influencers and analyzing campaign results. This will not only make the process smoother for you, but it will also save you time and money, while generating more return on your marketing investment. That's a win-win situation!

What does it cost to use your platform?

You set the budget that is suitable for you and you never pay more than that! When creating a campaign, you choose your desired budget and campaign setup, which will present your campaign’s estimated results. You pay for the campaign's generated follower reach, which means that you only pay for actual results generated. To see what amount of results you can expect from your campaign setup and budget, try creating your first campaign for free on and look to the right side of the campaign creation software to see your campaign's estimated results.

I want to learn more about your platform, where can I find more information?

Feel free to contact us or book a demo with one of our Customer Success Representatives and they will show you all the cool and useful features that our platform has to offer.

I want to get started with a campaign, what do I do? What does the process look like?

You can start creating your campaign setup for free in our streamlined campaign creation software by registering an account on Once you are done with your campaign setup, you will be matched with a list of suitable influencers for your campaign that you can review and accept. Once you’ve reviewed your influencers and chosen the ones you want to activate, they will automatically receive a campaign invitation to your campaign, and you can easily follow who accepts the invitations in your campaign dashboard. From there, you need to give influencers access to your products/services, either by sending it to them or by generating gift codes for them to order your products – you can create these codes automatically on Influeri and then connect them to your e-commerce. Once your influencers have received your products, they will start uploading content proposals on the platform that you can review and give feedback on. Our platform manages everything else automatically, such as handling negotiations, sending reminders, collecting information and results, as well as handling payments and other campaign related activities. Once all the content has been accepted by you, your influencers will start publishing their content on social media and you get comprehensive result reports automatically and can boost the content you like the most directly from the platform. Cool, huh?
Sky's the limit in campaigns on Influeri!

How is your platform different from other platforms?

Our platform has been developed to automate all campaign admin in the influencer marketing process, such as finding influencers, contacting them, negotiating with them, managing contracts, sending campaign activity reminders, collecting delivery details and other types of information, collecting results and managing payments. Most other platforms are still manual, which means that you have to do all of these things yourself, which takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.
We have seen that our customers spend 90% less time on administrative campaign activities using our platform compared to other platforms. Amazing, right? That is influencer marketing automation at its finest.

How do I sign up to participate in campaigns?

Influeri is an automated influencer marketing platform that business clients can use to collaborate with influencers who align with their marketing goals and brands. The system uses data to determine which influencers are suitable for each campaign, and as an influencer, you can be contacted if you fit a specific campaign. Therefore, you cannot create a profile before being contacted by the system. The requirements to be contacted by the system are to have a public profile and your email address linked to your account, as well as being a great match to one of our customers' campaigns. We hope to see you in one of those campaigns soon superstar!

How do I upload my content?

To upload your content proposals, you need to create an account on the platform. You can do this by following the link you received in your email and click on "Sign Up." Once you have created/logged into your account, you will see your current campaigns, and can then click on "Content" and "Add" to choose which content to upload. Do not close the uploading page until it has finished uploading, and then voila! Your content has been uploaded!

How do I get paid?

After publishing your collaboration, you will receive a result reporting email where you need to follow the link provided and complete the necessary steps. Once the steps are completed, you will receive an email from our billing partner. Through them, you can invoice us through your own company or as an individual. It's super easy and quick too!

I don't see my ongoing campaigns when I log into the platform?

It seems like you've previously logged in with a Google account and then created an account with your email address at another time. To view your campaigns, you need to log in with the same account you used during the initial login. Contact us at if the issue remains.
We are here for you! <3

How do I report my statistics?

Follow the link provided in the email for results reporting or log in to your account via It is important to use the same email address used during the initial login.

What happens if I miss a deadline?

If you fail to meet a deadline, you risk losing your payment. If you have received products to create your content, you may also need to return them in their unopened original packaging. We understand that life happens, and if for any reason you cannot meet the deadline for a campaign, we kindly ask you to notify us immediately at
We are here to support you! <3