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Influeri for brands: How it works

Influeri is an automated marketing platform that automates the influencer marketing process to its fullest.

Through advanced algorithms and automation processes, the platform enables large brands and marketing companies to run influencer marketing campaigns with top-performing micro & nano-influencers, ensuring maximized ROI and inclusive influencer campaigns.

Follow this step-to-step process to get started!

1 Campaign Creation

Create stunning campaigns towards your target audience, set marketing goals and campaign guidelines with our campaign creation software.

Here, you can specify everything that is relevant to specify in the campaign. The information you input will be shown in a brief to influencers on the platform, except for confidential information such as budget and target audience.

If you are working on your campaign setup and want to pause your work to come back later, you can press the “Save Draft” button, which will save your draft to your dashboard.

Once you feel satisfied with your campaign setup, press “Create Campaign”.

2 Influencer review/selection

Once your campaign has been created, the campaign will be matched with suitable influencers based on relevant campaign factors. You will then be given an influencer list on the platform where you can review and analyze selected influencers and their target audience.

If you feel that one of the influencers should be excluded from the campaign, press the pause icon and the influencer will not receive a campaign invitation.

Once you feel satisfied with your influencer selection, press the “Accept & Place Order” button.

If you rather would like to select influencers yourself, you can do this in our Search & Discovery tool where you can search for relevant creators and add them to lists. Once, you feel satisfied with your list, you can create a campaign with the chosen influencers by clicking on the “Create Campaign” button.

3 Campaign tracking & delivery details export

Once your campaign as been launched and influencers have been invited, you can follow their progress on your campaign dashboard. See who has been invited and who has accepted your invitation.

If your campaign involves product send offs, you can export the influencers’ delivery details by clicking the “Export Delivery Details” button on your campaign dashboard. Use the delivery details to send out products to influencers and they will start creating content.

4 Link & code generation

Once your influencers have jumped on board, you can create their unique gift & discount codes and/or UTM links automatically using the platform.

Choose one of the items in your to-do list on the campaign dashboard and press the “Finalize Them Here” button. Once you have Auto-generated your codes, press the “Send Codes to Influencers” button and the platform will send the codes out automatically.

5 Content proposal reviews, feedback and communication dashboard

Once influencers have created content with your products, you can review their content proposals in the content, feedback and communication dashboard.

If you are satisfied with a proposal, you can easily accept the proposals by clicking on the “Accept” button. If you want to change something in the content, you can leave feedback or comments by clicking on the “Comment” button. If you want to decline one of the proposals, you can click the “Decline” button.

6 Result reports

Once influencers have published their content on social media, you receive comprehensive result reports that display the performance of your campaigns and activated influencers.

Here, you can see metrics such as Reach, Engagements and detailed results such as likes, comments, shares, saves and link clicks. You can also see which creators and posts have performed the best in your campaign.

7 Boost

Once you have received the results of your creators and their posts, you can boost (advertise) those posts on Meta and TikTok by clicking on the “Boost” button. Connect your company’s Facebook page URL to the boost function and accept the connection request from our advertising partner Spider ADS in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Once your Ads Manager is connected, you can go back to Influeri, choose your advertising budget, target audience, publication period and destination link. Press “Launch Boost” and your boost will go live!