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Influeri: Revolutionizing Influencer MarketingšŸš€

Welcome to Influeri, where we are changing the world of influencer marketing with ourĀ cutting-edge automated platform. Let's take a journey through our origins, mission, and theĀ  innovative solution we provide.Ā 

Our Genesis: Unearthing a NeedĀ 

Our story began in 2021, when our founder Nicholas S. Jacobsson, during his studies at theĀ  prestigious Stockholm School of Economics, identified the need for a more efficient,Ā  streamlined approach to influencer marketing. The subsequent exploration led him toĀ  conceptualize Influeri.Ā 

He was soon joined by co-founder Robin Naderi, and together they dedicated six months to aĀ comprehensive investigation into the influencer marketing process for their master thesisĀ  "Closer Connection for Perfection". Their research-based findings became the foundation forĀ  Influeri, solidifying the companyā€™s commitment to a research- and evidence-based approach.Ā 

Our DNA: A Research-based ApproachĀ 

Since our inception, Influeri has grown from 1 founder to 10 creative teammates and has remained committed to research. We continually collaborateĀ  with prominent researchers at the Stockholm School of Economics and other universities,Ā seeking to understand the evolving landscape of influencer marketing and ensuring ourĀ  platform always stays a step ahead.Ā 

Our Milestone: The LaunchĀ 

In 2022, we reached a significant milestone. With an investment of 12.5 million SEK fromĀ superstar Zara Larsson and other investors, we launched the first version of our platform. WeĀ were thrilled to have Linas Matkasse, a renowned Swedish food and grocery brand, as our first customer. They successfully launched their first campaign on the platform in august of 2022, andĀ had tremendous success in many more campaigns thereafter. Read their customer case here.

Our Success: A Trusted SolutionĀ 

Today, Influeri has been adopted by several respected enterprise customers and innovativeĀ startups. Our platform has managed hundreds of campaigns and facilitated thousands of influencer collaborations automatically, establishing our platform's effectiveness and reliability.Ā 

At Influeri, we're not just providing a tool, we're revolutionizing an industry.Ā Our automated platform simplifies every major step in the influencer marketing process, from finding and contacting influencers to handling contracts, tracking results, and managing payments. Furthermore, we are also seeing guidelines for how to work with influencer marketing, providing a fairer and more creative landscape for both brands and creators to collaborate.Ā 

In an industry that continues to grow and evolve, Influeri leads the way, driving businesses toĀ  new heights with our innovative, research-based platform and team.

Welcome to the future of influencer marketing - welcome to InfluerišŸ”„