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Linas Matkasse

Customer Success Story
1 Introduction

In 2022, the famous food- and grocery-bag brand Linas Matkasse wanted to find a way of moving their influencer marketing in-house from previously having outsourced the work to a marketing bureau. Linas Matkasse is a very well-known brand in Sweden and one of the industry leaders in the food & grocery-bag industry. Their value offering is centered around providing healthy, fresh and local ingredients and inspiring food bags to Swedish consumers.

2 Problem

The big problem with Linas’s previous influencer marketing had been that their campaigns provided few conversions and little engagement. In their onboarding, Influeri and Linas marketing specialist’s together analyzed their previous campaigns and concluded that they should run influencer campaigns with dozens of micro- and nano-influencers instead of a few large influencers. It is very well-known that influencers with small- to medium-sized followings generate more conversions and engagements than large influencers. In the past, their bureau had activated 2-5 large influencers in each campaign. Lina’s and Influeri’s common goal was to increase that number by 10x to 20-50 influencers per campaign, with the goal of increasing engagements and conversions while lowering the marketing cost per campaign.

3 Solution

During the last 8 months, Linas Matkasse has run more than 7 automated influencer campaigns using Influeri. Influeri’s influencer marketing platform has automated all admin for them, such as:

  • Finding influencers.
  • Contacting and negotiating with influencers.
  • Contracting and information collection.
  • Sending campaign activity reminders.
  • Tracking results.
  • Managing payments.

All campaigns have been activated on Instagram with both the Reel & Story-format for each influencer. The reel format has been used to drive interest and product awareness, while the story has been used to drive web traffic and conversions. The perfect Instagram combo!

2 305 793
Followers reached
29 718
Average engagement rate %
New customer conversions
Influencers activated
Videos with usage rights

“Through Influeri, we’ve been able to deliver more customer conversions than ever before in our influencer marketing efforts. It has been extremely convenient to let a system handle all the time-consuming administrative work that is often related to influencer marketing."

Jens Olsson
Nordic Acquisition Manager, Linas Matkasse

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