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Aqua Nobel

Customer Success Story
Deep Dive into Aqua Nobel's Story!

Deep Dive into Aqua Nobel's Story! Water is the essence of life, and that’s precisely where Aqua Nobel's exhilarating tale emerges. 105 meters beneath the picturesque plains of southern Sweden, Aqua Nobel collects natural mineral water. Sustainably extracted and teeming with essential minerals and electrolytes, this beverage is more than just water—it's a testament to the mineral-rich Swedish soils, standing proud as a singular marvel in the marketplace, highlighting sustainability and tastiness. When you have a product as extraordinary as Aqua Nobel, your marketing strategy needs to match its brilliance. Enter the summer of 2023, where TBS, a pioneer in Swedish marketing, partnered with Influeri’s platform to weave an unparalleled influencer magic for Aqua Nobel.

The Prelude

Aqua Nobel's journey took a turn in the spring of 2023. The brand's visionary media bureau, TBS, embarked on a mission to introduce Stockholm to Aqua Nobel's latest offering. The aim? Spark a sensation, generate buzz, and captivate hearts. They believed in the power of authentic voices, prompting them to enlist the help of health-centric influencers from Stockholm's bustling streets. And Influeri's influential marketing platform was their tool of choice. Founded in 1991, TBS isn't just any media agency—it's one of the trailblazers in Sweden. With a legacy of curiosity and innovation, TBS continuously charts unknown territories, ensuring they're always ahead of the curve. Their mantra? Excellence in every campaign, whether the objective is building a formidable brand, propelling sales, or achieving both.

The Strategy Unfolded

Leveraging Influeri, TBS sculpted a comprehensive campaign for Aqua Nobel on both Instagram and TikTok. The platform's prowess automated and simplified everything from influencer management to results collection. This allowed TBS to channel their energies into the creative and analytical nuances of the campaign.

With Influeri as their ally, TBS and Aqua Nobel could effortlessly sail through campaign intricacies:

• Identifying influencers resonating with their audience.

• Engaging and finalizing collaboration terms.

• Streamlining communications and reminders.

• Facilitating content exchange.

• Ensuring prompt payments.

The aftermath of this strategy? Dive below to uncover the groundbreaking results Aqua Nobel celebrated from their debut influencer campaign!

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