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Customer Success Story
1 Introduction

Djurönäset, a 4-star superior hotel, is nestled in the stunning archipelagos of Stockholm. Boasting 272 rooms, luxurious hotel suites, and a rejuvenating spa, the hotel can accommodate over 550 guests in total, making it an industry titan in the Swedish hotel industry. In spring of 2023, Djurönäset decided to venture into influencer marketing using Influeri’s influencer marketing platform in order to market their Spa & Hotel offering towards the Swedish market.

2 Problem

The problem initially faced by Djurönäset, as well as many others of our customers, was the lack of time and experience of managing influencer campaigns. The vast array of time-consuming campaign activities, such as managing outreach, negotiations, contracts, information collection, results reporting and payments, are not easy tasks even for the most experienced marketer. Djurönäset faced this challenge and decided Influeri’s automated platform was the solution for them to activate influencer marketing as a part of their marketing mix. Another aspect they wanted to utilize from the influencer campaign was to generate user-generated content (UGC) for their paid marketing ads (adding advertising budget to boost reach of the best content created by influencers).

3 Solution

With Influeri’s platform, Djurönäset first established a creative campaign setup using the platform’s interactive campaign creation software, presenting their Spa & Hotel offering beautifully. Thereafter, Influeri’s platform automatically sent out campaign invitations and started negotiating with selected influencers, whereby 7 micro-influencers were finally activated in the campaign, capturing the excitement of Djurönäset’s offering with 1 Instagram Reel and 1 Instagram Story.

Through Influeris' automated platform, Djurönäset was able to seamlessly accomplish the following tasks for their campaign:

  • Finding influencers: The platform automatically matched relevant influencers with the campaign.
  • Contracting and negotiations with influencers: The platform facilitated automated communication and negotiations with influencers, ensuring maximized ROI.
  • Data collection: The platform automated the process of gathering necessary information from influencers during the campaign process.
  • Sending campaign activity reminders: Our platform automatically ensures timely reminders to both influencers and customers for campaign activities.
  • Result reporting: The platform provided comprehensive result reports on the performance of the campaign.
  • Payment management: The platform managed payments automatically for Djurönäset, ensuring smooth transactions with influencers.
  • Content generation for paid ads: The platform delivered beautiful content that Djurönäset could use in paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.
195 080
Followers reached
2 731
Average engagement rate %
Influencers activated
Videos with usage rights

"It was super easy to create a campaign in the Influeri platform. All the steps within a campaign are included, so no important moments or requirements are forgotten. After we set our requirements, Influeri did the job for us. The platform found matching influencers, invited them, and made sure they had all the information needed to create posts that aligned with our brand values. Smooth and time-saving! Our first campaign gave us a mix of wonderful influencers who produced great content. After the campaign ended, we also gained access to all the material, which we have used in sponsored posts."

Marie Karlsén
Sales & Marketing Manager

Boost reach: 186 160

Boost views: 404 796

Boost clicks: 15 617

Boost CTR: 3.86%

Boost CTR on reach: 8.39%

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