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Customer Success Story
Influeri x Wolt: A Vibrant Launch in Lund with Local Influencer Marketing & UGC-creators

Introduction In 2023, Wolt, a rising star in the food delivery industry, partnered with Influeri, a leader in automated influencer marketing, to launch their services in Lund, Sweden. The goal was clear: to create a buzz around Wolt's arrival in Lund using a strategic influencer campaign that resonates with the local populace.

The challenge

Wolt's expansion into Lund presented unique challenges. The brand needed to establish a strong presence in a new market, appealing to local tastes and preferences. Traditional marketing methods weren't enough; Wolt required a campaign that felt personal, engaging, and authentic.

Influeri’s Innovative Solution

Influeri stepped in with its cutting-edge platform, designed to automate the influencer marketing process while maintaining a high degree of authenticity and engagement. The goal was to collaborate with nano- and micro-influencers in Lund who could bring a personal touch to Wolt's campaign.

Campaign Execution

Influeri’s platform activated 11 local influencers in/near Lund, aligning with the campaign’s target demographic of Swedes in the Lund area aged 18-40 with interests in restaurants, food, and family relationships. The campaign creatively guided influencers to showcase how Wolt integrates into their daily lives, encouraging a mix of content formats like mukbangs, vlogs, and screen recordings.

Creative Guidelines

The influencers were given a set of guidelines to ensure consistency and effectiveness:

  • Showcase Wolt in Everyday Life: Influencers were asked to creatively integrate Wolt into their daily routines, sharing personal experiences with the service.
  • Emphasize Key Benefits: Fast, smooth service, free home delivery, and access to a variety of restaurants in Lund were highlighted.
  • Maintain a Playful, Energetic Mood: The content was to be colorful and engaging, reflecting Wolt’s brand persona.
  • Creative Freedom Within Boundaries: Influencers had the liberty to create content that resonated with their followers, provided they adhered to a positive, lively campaign mood.
94 461
Local followers reached
Local creators
Videos with different creative formats
about Wolt's launch in Lund

"After 5 years in the influencer marketing game I can confidently say that Influeri is the best campaign management platform I've come across so far. Way to go, guys! ⭐️"

Dilnaz Gemici
Marketing Specialist, Wolt

Influeri's collaboration with Wolt for their Lund launch stands as a testament to the power of localized, authentic influencer marketing. By leveraging Influeri's automated platform and a well-thought-out creative strategy, Wolt successfully introduced its offering to the Lund market, laying a strong foundation for its future growth in Sweden. This campaign not only highlights Influeri's proficiency in handling localized influencer marketing campaigns but also sets a precedent for similar future endeavors. It demonstrates the potential of tailored influencer marketing in establishing a brand in new geographical locations.

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