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Customer Success Story
1 Introduction

Zipforce is an innovative bicycle-motor company that offers a portable motor that you can attach to your bicycle to make it an electric bike. In April of 2023, the company started using Influeri to activate influencers in Germany and increase brand awareness in big cities.

2 Problem

Zipforce was new to influencer marketing and had not found a good process for the marketing strategy until they came in contact with Influeri’s platform.

3 Solution

Influeri’s influencer marketing platform provided a clear and seamless route for Zipforce to manage their first influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. The platform enabled them to execute creative campaign setups, while the platform managed everything else automatically, such as:

  • Matching with influencers.
  • Outreach, negotiations and contracting.
  • Campaign management.
  • Results reporting.
  • Payments.

Influeri’s team also provided suggestions on the creative campaign setup where influencers were contracted to show Zipforce’s product from implementation to bike ride. All influencers produced and published 1 Reel and 1 Story. The reel format was used to drive interest and product awareness, while the story was used to drive web traffic and conversions. The perfect Instagram combo!

389 089
Followers reached
6 488
Average engagement rate %
Influencers activated
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